You take the lead because it feels natural to you.

This propensity for leadership could stem from a desire to be in control or a desire to help others.

Being in control for you isn’t about being selfish.

You simply know that you are a capable, confident leader and so you charge ahead to lift up the group. A bit of a “yes” sayer (your friends come to you for advice & for favors,) you might sometimes find yourself saying “yes” too much. You can give too much of yourself away in your desire to make others happy. Where compassion and generosity shine, balancing with self-care is important. Practice saying no to some things -- whether it’s to a friend, or holding back volunteering to be in charge of a group project. Allowing yourself some space will help prevent burnout.

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Want to know how to keep the lead in college and your career?



Become a successful leader in college & your career.


    Along with your studies, cultivate qualities that will enhance your leadership skills. Being a leader is a premium career skill. Since you’re a natural you’re already ahead of the game. But intentional practice will make you even better. You can work on many qualities, or just hone one or two that will give you an edge as you claim your dream career. Here’s a small list of qualities great leaders have…pick a few to work on or create your own list & strategy for implementation!

    • Team Building (make a study group, find partners for a project or business venture, take the lead on a school project.)

    • Communication (email your professors and peers regularly, attend events, network, and talk to others.)

    • Performance Statistics (as a leader you’ll be required to demonstrate progress. Tracking and analyzing performance is an important skill in business.)

    • Cultivate Calm (meditation and journaling can help you cultivate calm under pressure. As deadlines loom in college you can practice ways to keep a cool head, which will be useful in business.)


    If you want to be a leader, lead. Go for the starring role in the play, sign up for a leadership role, do student government, form a club, etc. If you’re actually leading you’ll learn more than you ever could trying to develop the required skills and qualities without actually doing it. It’s good to be uncomfortable. It’s good to push yourself, even when you’re scared or feeling like you don’t want to (even though you really do…not doing something because it’s “too hard” is the worst reason).


    Practicing self care is especially important for you. Carve out time in your schedule for “me time.” When you try and take on all the things (you know what I’m talking about, leader — when you assume a lot of responsibility) it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Being overwhelmed leads to anxiety, which leads to a decline in enjoyment and performance. And then, burnout. Yikes. To prevent that make sure you’re giving yourself enough time to chill and loosen the strings on responsibility. Let someone else take charge of the next project, if you’ve had a good run already. Ask for help if you need a break. Lean how to delegate. You can learn from other people assuming leadership. In fact, watching how other people lead is a magnificent way to learn how to lead better.

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Hey you! So excited you’re here. I know what it’s like to be unsure of the future — will my degree pay off? Can I make the absolute most of the time & money I’m spending at school?

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Here’s my secret: You can control your experience by doing what you do best — you.

I’ll show you how. A word of caution: my strategies are often unconventional and you DO have to do the work. But the ease and magnitude of your accomplishments will far surpass what you imagined you could do.

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You’re already primed for leadership, but continuing to lead among many who are also born leaders mean you have to develop even better leadership skills.

You need to produce outstanding results to make it to the top.

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