All those daydreams you tend to get lost in?

You’ll probably make many of them come true.

To create things that are of lasting value you need to develop a high level of skill.

That’s why you enrolled in college in the first place, right?!

You’re not afraid to experiment -- you’re a risk taker and are learning that it’s important to fail if you want to succeed. But watch out: perfectionism can stop you from daring to create.

It’s easy to get lost in all those big ideas you’ll benefit from systems that help keep you grounded & accountable.

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Well Creative, how are you going to ensure your vision & execution isn’t…dare I say…mediocre?

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From insecure to owning your sh*t


Do you ever get that feeling when you have an idea for something…that it could either be amazing or it could be an epic failure that leads directly to your feeling like you’re a complete piece of garbage? (This fear can’t just be mine alone.)

It’s the plight of the creative. Because when you create, you put your self on the line. Everything you make is wrapped up in your identity. Meaning…what you make signals something about your self worth.

But the truth of the matter is, you’re going to create crap. You’re going to create great big piles of crap.

And that doesn’t mean YOU are crap. It just means you need to get more comfortable with the ups and downs of having ideas and making them real (and the reality is that they won’t be awesome all the time).


Thinking deeply is the trademark of the creative. Which means your brain is used to thinking…daydreaming…reminiscing…and projecting.

All that brain work is a double edged sword. You can use it to generate creativity and solve problems, but sometimes you can come up with bad solutions (because let’s face it…the brain is unreliable a lot of the time.

To balance all that, you can practice grounding methods. Anything physical: gym time, long walks, running, yoga, rock climbing…are great ways to ground yourself so your head isn’t always “in the clouds\


Your GPA and your degree mean little in actuality…unless you’re going for a career that specifically requires a high GPA and a specific degree (of which there are few).

So the main way you’re going to make it in the world after college is by proving that you have the skills that employers are looking for.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, you’ve got to double down on your skills to develop a thriving business.

Competency, capability, creativity — your cornerstone keywords.

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High School Drop Out turned Award Winning Straight A Student (at UC Berkeley, nbd) & Entrepreneur

Hey you! So excited you’re here. I know what it’s like to be unsure of the future — will my degree pay off? Can I make the absolute most of the time & money I’m spending at school?

I went from feeling insignificant & lost to publishing work in college at the request of a Pulitzer Prize holding professor (and winning $3k+ in scholarships).

Here’s my secret: You can control your experience by doing what you do best — you.

I’ll show you how. A word of caution: my strategies are often unconventional and you DO have to do the work. But the ease and magnitude of your accomplishments will far surpass what you imagined you could do.

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Creatives know one simple rule: “Good artists copy; great artists steal.” - Steve Jobs.

You should be stealing every bit of knowledge you can. Steal ideas, methods, secrets, tricks, best practices — everything that will help you succeed because you’ve used them to build yourself up as a person.

So, Creative. The choice is yours. I’ve got a bunch of ideas, best practices, methods, secrets, and ticks for you…do you want to put them to use?

Some of them are paid, some of them are free — all of it is top value for you to start leveling up today.

(Ok, but to be honest, one of these videos costs about as much as a sandwich…and your return on that investment is going to be pretty killer….so….it’s up to you how bad you want it.)