You’re heading for the top, and you’re going to fight tooth and nail to get there.

When you put in effort, you get big results. Yes, you’ll prove to everyone you are talented -- your parents, your peers, your professors, and yourself. Watch out for arrogance (you saw that one coming, didn’t you?) and a tendency to not let yourself be vulnerable. Vulnerability leads to even greater power that you can use to improve not only yourself, but the world. When you’re good at being good at things, it’s easy to let what actually challenges you slide.

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Eliminate burnout & level up even more.


    There are essential qualities you’ll need to be massively outside of college that school doesn’t necessarily prepare you for. Since you’re a crusher when you put your mind to it, you should take this opportunity to practice cultivating areas of weakness so you don’t leave college with a serious unbalance. Academics, no problem. But look to other areas of your life. How are your relationships? Your networking skills? How do you deal with criticism? How do you react to failure? These are qualities that you can work on cultivating right now to prepare you for life ahead. Because after college, life gets harder.


    You work really hard to get the results you want. That’s amazing! Most people struggle with this thing that comes naturally to you. The other side of working hard is that you may be limiting your creativity and play time, which can lead to burnout. Creativity can help you overcome problems and roadblocks which is especially useful when you enter the working world. Making time for yourself and your friends is important — relationships, in my opinion, get you further than your degree. So acknowledge the importance of accepting invitations to hang out and make sure you treat relationship building as important as academic success!

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High School Drop Out turned Award Winning Straight A Student (at UC Berkeley, nbd) & Entrepreneur

Hey you! So excited you’re here. I know what it’s like to be unsure of the future — will my degree pay off? Can I make the absolute most of the time & money I’m spending at school?

I went from feeling insignificant & lost to publishing work in college at the request of a Pulitzer Prize holding professor (and winning $3k+ in scholarships).

Here’s my secret: You can control your experience by doing what you do best — you.

I’ll show you how. A word of caution: my strategies are often unconventional and you DO have to do the work. But the ease and magnitude of your accomplishments will far surpass what you imagined you could do.

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You already know you have what it takes to be good. But what about being great? You need to produce outstanding results to make it to the top.

People at the top find mentors to take them there. Sports stars, business gurus, authors…they all learn to better themselves from someone who’s already learned things the hard way. Getting a coach or mentor means you get to fast track your success.

So, College Star. The choice is yours. I’ve got a bunch of ideas, best practices, methods, secrets, and ticks for you…do you want to put them to use?

Some of them are paid, some of them are free — all of it is top value for you to start leveling up today.

(Ok, but to be honest, one of these videos costs about as much as a sandwich…and your return on that investment is going to be pretty killer….so….it’s up to you how bad you want it.)