Your motto is Y.O.L.O. and that means you’re in for a life of rich experiences.

College either takes a bit of a back seat as you adventure and explore, or it’s the prime landscape for your escapades. Either way, you hate feeling like you’re wasting time. Which is maybe why some of your assignments go undone. :/ Oddly, your fear of wasting time can lead you to waste more time. Frustrating, right?! Even though you want to have a great time, frivolous pursuits can leave you feeling unfulfilled. Use your propensity for joy to create a life of passion and purpose and you’ll get the best of both worlds.

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How do you make sure you don’t regret your decisions and create a life where you feel significant and fulfilled?

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Connect fun with work and get the best of both worlds.


    Make time for adventure and play by narrowing your focus. That may mean choosing a very specific niche to focus on within an major (for example focusing on marketing as a business major), or that may mean working to develop one skill over all others (for example, monologues as a theater major).

    You’ll be developing one rare and valuable skill (a MUST for getting a good career after college) and it’ll be one that makes you feel fulfilled. Plus, this way you can stay hyper-focused in school and still have enough free time to satisfy your Y.O.L.O cravings.


    Fear of Missing Out has become a rampant problem for our generation. With social media it seems like everyone is out there doing amazing things all of the time. So when you’re stuck having to go to class, work, or need to do homework instead of hang out with your friends it’s easy to feel left out, and that makes doing your work that much harder.

    When you have confidence in your goals it’s easier to shut out distractions and do the work that will bring you closer to achieving your goals.

    If you spend enough time making sure you’re satisfied with your life, FOMO will dwindle. That may mean spending time playing, but as I’ll show you in the next section, you can make play work and work play, so that you still accomplish goals while having fun.


    I struggle with FOMO and want to have fun pretty much all of the time. So I found a way to combine stuff I had to do for school with outings and activities that would feed my desire for fun. As a Literature major I had a great outlet — faculty readings, poetry readings, visiting lectures all fell under activities that would help me do well in my major and were also fun. Readings often were supplied with wine and food, and my friends and I would attend as a social outing. We were getting bonus points with our professors who were often in attendance, and I was surrounding myself with accomplished writers, learning more about the craft, and making valuable connections. No matter your major you can find outside events that will fuel your learning and social life. Make a list of options and pick one whenever you’re feeling the need for fun!

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High School Drop Out turned Award Winning Straight A Student (at UC Berkeley, nbd) & Entrepreneur

Hey you! So excited you’re here. I know what it’s like to be unsure of the future — will my degree pay off? Can I make the absolute most of the time & money I’m spending at school?

I went from feeling insignificant & lost to publishing work in college at the request of a Pulitzer Prize holding professor (and winning $3k+ in scholarships).

Here’s my secret: You can control your experience by doing what you do best — you.

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I’ll show you how. A word of caution: my strategies are often unconventional and you DO have to do the work. But the ease and magnitude of your accomplishments will far surpass what you imagined you could do.

Class Clowns are in a great position for success — you know how to attract attention and that gives you an advantage over a lot of people.

You just need to harness your abilities in order to swing toward greatness. So my friend, the choice is yours. I’ve got a bunch of ideas, best practices, methods, secrets, and ticks for you…do you want to put them to use?

Some of them are paid, some of them are free — all of them offer top value for you to start leveling up today.

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