Want to earn a crazy high gpa and impress the heck out of your professors and peers ?

want to live a life full of impact and passion?

My friend, you've come to the right place.

I'm Jess, award winning writer, international college success coach, and straight A student from UC Berkeley (and now Pacific University).

You want strategies that you can use to skyrocket your college success...and I'm here to give them to you.

College is expensive! And it lasts a LONG TIME.

As a college student you've entered a world of rigorous academic pressure where you have to figure out how to finish all your homework (400 pages of assigned reading AND problem sets?? wtf?!) AND live a well-balanced social life among a whole new colorful tribe.

You have the dream of being mind-blowingly successful, of living a life of impact and passion.

You have the potential.

There's just one problem. You're continually faced with overwhelming challenges. Fierce academics occupy 80% of your time, your motivation starts to drag, the dark slug of procrastination visits more often...

 You may even find yourself believing what the dark slug whispers to you...

You may even find yourself believing what the dark slug whispers to you...

All that TIME and MONEY

...why do you do it if not for MASSIVE SUCCESS?

In order to achieve that dream where you make an impact, where your value is apparent and needed, where you have freedom and autonomy over your life...that's something that comes from having a directed approach to college, where you strategically take courses that will add value to your skill set, and ensure your ability to get a job in your field when you graduate.

That's why I'm here.

To show you how to make school easier, less stressful, and more successful.

Simply getting a diploma doesn't ensure success. 

I'll take you through the steps to transform yourself into a rare and valuable asset in college so that you can live a life of impact and passion.

Imagine having recruiters contact you for incredible positions before you even graduate. Imagine starting your own side project that blossoms into a full time career (eg. Steve Jobs).

During my first year at UC Berkeley I opened a 7,200sq ft art gallery across from campus.

In my second year I was headhunted by (arguably) the most famous performance artist in the world, Marina Abramovic, to be the Programs Director for her San Francisco fundraising institute. Another gallerist approached me to run a 3-gallery project space in San Francisco as well.

I had to learn how to keep up straight A's while directing THREE distinct art spaces in two cities.

Many of the best practices I discovered through LOTS of trial and error ended up becoming useful strategies that allowed me to study smarter and spend less time struggling with essays and assignments -- every time.

You can do this.

Right now.

Change your study strategies, become an overachiever without extra effort, and start your path to the good life in college.

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What my students are saying:

This course has given me the courage to befriend my professors, keep in touch with them, and how to effectively keep up my GPA while not stressing over my course work. Thanks so much for making such a wonderful course!
This course gave me so much guidance and peace of mind before entering college. As a high school student who didn't have to study, it helped immensely in teaching me how to improve my practices to conquer college. I would highly recommend it to any new college students who want to be successful.
Elizabeth G.