Now hear me out. Being a slacker isn’t a bad thing. Your goal is simple: to be happy.

That means coasting in your comfort zone, which we all want to do to some degree. That kind of optimism is a blessing, and your drive toward living the good life is a worthy one. But that means it’s easy for you to get trapped by not pushing up against what makes you uncomfortable. Greater happiness comes when you learn to deal with your fear of being wrong, of doing something bad, of...not being happy. Put your optimism and belief that “everything will work out” to good use and challenge yourself to succeed at greater heights.

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Good news! You can get better grades without extra effort. I’ll show you how:



Don’t try to be someone you’re not, but still be better.


    Even though you might have a hard time pushing yourself to do hard things, college is still hard. So, you kind of have to do some hard things, or you’ll be completely wasting the money and time you’re spending there. But don’t worry, friend! There’s a super simple way to trick your brain into working the way you want it to. By using your body. Instead of slumping over your desk, fully expressing your boredom try sitting straight up at your desk, perked up into a position that signals, “Hey, I’m here, I’m totally listening and engaged.” Your brain will work to match what your body is signaling. So you’ll not only retain more information, your professors will notice. And if your professors thing you’re alert and engaged, they’ll be more likely to give you bonus points for participation and slant your grades more in your favor.


    From ages 6 to 14 I swam for SunValley Swim Team. I was often the alternate for the 1st heat relay, but never a core member. In high school I tried out for the gymnastics team and hit the borderline for varsity, but was placed in junior varsity. My life is comprised of many of these stories. Always close but never quite good enough to be at the top. As I learn more about how to optimize performance I realize now that I have a lot of issues around being uncomfortable. I don’t like to be uncomfortable. Some people deal with this better than I — and those were the people that pushed themselves to first place, to the varsity team.

    So I’ve had to spend a lot of time and effort learning how to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Instead of turning down speaking opportunities (as I used to do), I accept. I ask myself what’s the worst that could happen? (I’ll be terrified for the first 3 minutes and then the fear should mellow out a little. So I could suck…for a little while, but so what?) You have to fail to succeed, and if you’re not failing you’re not practicing anything worth being good at. So, my dear friend, put yourself in uncomfortable situations. By doing this you’ll see that the worst that can happen isn’t so bad.


    If you procrastinate like a pro, you’re in the right place. I’m a certified A+ procrastinator, meaning, I get A+ grades even though I procrastinate worse than anything you’ve probably seen. There’s a trick to procrastinating that actually lets you still get work done. This blog post details it all, so just dip in and read that if you want to know what the trick is. And if you worry about procrastinating still, check out the video below where I lay out the exact steps to win by procrastinating.

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High School Drop Out turned Award Winning Straight A Student (at UC Berkeley, nbd) & Entrepreneur

Hey you! So excited you’re here. I know what it’s like to be unsure of the future — will my degree pay off? Can I make the absolute most of the time & money I’m spending at school?

I went from feeling insignificant & lost to publishing work in college at the request of a Pulitzer Prize holding professor (and winning $3k+ in scholarships).

Here’s my secret: You can control your experience by doing what you do best — you.

I’ll show you how. A word of caution: my strategies are often unconventional and you DO have to do the work. But the ease and magnitude of your accomplishments will far surpass what you imagined you could do.

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College is expensive. What else are you spending that much money on in your adult life? Not to mention the time you’re spending there. If you squander it because you didn’t try hard enough, that may be one thing you regret.

So many people graduate with a degree they end up doing nothing with. So many people spend all of that money and don’t get a huge return on their investment.

I don’t want that for you, and I hope you don’t either.

My friend, the choice is yours. I’ve got a bunch of ideas, best practices, methods, secrets, and ticks for you…do you want to put them to use?

Some of them are paid, some of them are free — all of it is top value for you to start leveling up today.

(Ok, but to be honest, one of these videos costs about as much as a sandwich…and your return on that investment is going to be pretty killer….so….it’s up to you how bad you want it.)