The 2 week online course that will give a quick boost to your GPA and help you save your semester.

College is a huge investment. Don't let a slide become disastrous as you try and recover from a bad semester. This course will show you exactly how to make quick improvements to save your final grade.

If you're stuck in an end-of-the-semester slump and need to know how to perform well on your final exam or final projects, this course is for you.

And super bonus. This course will also show you just how to set up for your next semester so you can achieve a high GPA without worrying about messing up.

What's covered in the course?

Module 1: Your Plan for Success - Make a plan to finish strong for the rest of the semester

  • Lesson 1: Goals and Overview
    • How to identify problems
    • How to create solutions
    • Goal setting
    • Find the quickest improvements
  • Lesson 2: Upgrade your Study Habits
    • Class participation
    • One controversial and effective note-taking strategy
    • Time blocking
    • Cut out the extras
  • Lesson 3: Dealing with difficult courses
    • Understanding difficult course material
    • Ditch the flashcards
    • Analyze your work and learn from the past
  • Bonus: Resources
    • Office hours
    • Writing center
    • Tutoring

Module 2: Cement Your Success - Improve your grades and academic standing while saving time.

  • Lesson 1: Get into good graces
    • Get to know your professors (or GSI's) so they think highly of you
    • Ask for extensions
    • Attend outside events
  • Lesson 2: Time-Saving study strategies
    • Supplement your learning with podcasts/audiobooks/videos
    • Improve information retention
    • Skimming, speed reading, & skipping
  • Lesson 3: Crush the Final Essay
    • Analyze an example
    • Crib style
    • Easy topic --> thesis formula
    • How to write epic body paragraphs
    • Mic-drop conclusions
    • Editing made easy
    • How to present a draft to your professor
  • Lesson 4: Final Exams
    • Start practicing early
    • How to learn from old tests
    • Building confidence and lessening text anxiety
    • Stop cramming / study smarter