Forget the freak-out.

Let's face it. Staring at the blank page isn't going to get you anywhere. You need help, and you need it before you go down the rabbit-hole of self-doubt. Writing essays doesn't have to be painful, or even difficult. I encourage a no-sweat, relaxed approach to tackling the essay process.

I've written hundreds of them. I know the best in-roads and exit strategies. I know how to fill-in everything in between.

Your first draft can strip you of all confidence, leave you wondering why you even bothered signing up for this hell we call college. Just kidding, you love college, and we both know it's just the stress talking. I want to help you take the pressure off and give you a clear guideline for taking your paper from nil to mind-blowing in just an hour.

Does scouring the internet for mildly helpful resources leave you feeling scattered and fragmented?

Do have no clue how to pull your pile of sources together for a coherent, well-argued essay?

Is your thesis or dissertation quietly disintegrating on a shelf?

Has your professor demanded a redo?

Let's talk.

Book a one-on-one session and let's whip that paper into shape (no origami lessons, promise). I'll guide you through whatever area you need smoothed over, whether it's drafting a thesis, finding quotes and research, constructing an outline, or the full monty. Stress-free, simplified essay writing at its best.