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Hey Ambitious. I’m Jess, college (and high school) success coach. I’m here to help you have the most rewarding journey through school. That means boosting your power to get A+ grades, write essays that matter, and find your passion in college so the life you live after is your best life. You’ll find tons of my best strategies for dominating college (without stress, overwhelm, or any of those nasties that plague your average student).

After taking the course I feel more prepared to take on the semester and build relationships with my professors. Jess has a great understanding of the things that hold students back from achieving their goals.
— Chelsea M.

Have you ever wondered what those kids are doing who seem to score straight A's with little effort?

I'll let you in on their secret.

And no, it's not because they're naturally smart, or even smarter than you.

They just follow a few simple to implement strategies that skyrocket their college success.

This free email course takes you behind the scenes to show you what it actually takes to get straight A's.

You probably think to earn a crazy high GPA you have to...

Study all the time...

Have zero social life...

Be super smart...

Be hyper organized...

Manage your time well...


get the master plan for straight a student success in college

You see, a lot of those myths we get about straight A students come from professors, not students. Most of the "how to get straight A's" books on the market are written by professors or education professionals who have no idea what it actually means to be a student today. These books are full of "conventional wisdom" that doesn't come from experience, but from ideals. And who wants to spend 6 hours a day studying anyway?

College is a lot different today than it was 30 years ago. If you're passionate about wanting to achieve high goals in college, without all that other stuff like needing to be super organized, you're perfect for achieving REAL success in today's college landscape.

Because professors reward CURIOSITY and PASSION and GOOD WORK.

What they don't care about are students who get straight A's but have zero personality and act like machines (because who likes people like that?). Sure, they can get A's, but that alone won't take them very far.

You need a plan and a map for your future so when you graduate you can actually do something with your degree. Don't waste the four years you spent hustling to learn valuable knowledge go to waste.

Star students with a directed focus go on to achieve great things. They've built up enough credibility and knowledge that they can find a career they LOVE -- one that offers them FREEDOM and CONTROL over their lives.

Want to be one of them?

Want to graduate and find a career you LOVE that offers you FREEDOM and CONTROL over your life? Get straight A's in college and learn the secrets of long lasting success. Get straight A's in college FREE email course. Sign up today and start improving.
This course has given me the courage to befriend my professors, keep in touch with them, and how to effectively keep up my GPA while not stressing over my course work. Thanks so much for making such a wonderful course!
— Jojo



This isn't going to be the kind of stuff you've heard before. It's not a traditional, "get out your pens and pencils and get to work" approach. These strategies will show you how to work the right way, so you end up working smarter, not harder. This isn't for everyone. This email course is for students who are ready to use their natural talents to build rare and valuable skills, and start making a huge impact on their future success.

This course is for you if you're ready to take the guesswork out of college success and turn your four years into PURE VALUE.

This course gave me so much guidance and peace of mind before entering college. As a high school student who didn’t have to study, it helped immensely in teaching me how to improve my practices to conquer college. I would highly recommend it to any new college students who want to be successful.
— Elzabeth Gilbert

When I was accepted by UC Berkeley for admission, I knew it was going to take a lot of hard work to perform at a top level. Before when I was at community college my plans for success had been haphazard at best.

My CC Plan Included:

  • Talking to counselors about what classes to take (which led to me taking nontransferable courses and one extra year of community college...UGH!)

  • Filling up on prerequisites (which meant taking classes I hated, like political science and speech - NO THANKS)

  • Taking a bunch of unrelated classes (making study sessions SO LONG and GRUELING)

  • Figuring out how to get good grades (which took years of trial and error to finally learn how to do consistently)


But by the time I headed off to Berkeley, I had a lot more knowledge about what I needed to do. Let me show you.

Okay, but wait, why is this free?

The future is going to be amazing. We're skating through technological advancements that improve people's lives all over the world, and we're learning more than ever about how to build great relationships with each other and our planet. I'm confident that with an army of well-educated, confident, and empowered citizens taking the world by storm, we're going to be better able to make real an incredible future.

That's why I want to help you get the most out of college. How much you can achieve with this free training is up to you. And honestly, I want you to join me in creating a future that's full of super-heroes and power players. Because I think that's awesome.

I'm busy! How much time will this take?

Each email will take you maybe 10 minutes to read. Sometimes I'll include a video that'll also be about 10 minutes long. Soooo if we do the math, that's 10 emails x 10 minutes = less than two hours. So you can learn how to become an honors student, and develop marketable skills, and start your super hero training in less time than it takes to watch the latest Avengers movie on Netflix. 

Who are you anyway?

How rude of me! Hello! I'm Jessica (you can call me Jess). I'm a serial student, award winning writer, and international college success coach.

My passion is helping people discover their secret powers and showing them how to use their powers to make the world cooler. And baking healthy treats and cooking sumptuous meals (passion #2). I also use a lot of parentheses.

In my first year at UC Berkeley I opened the nationally reviewed art gallery Alphonse Berber Gallery with zero business experience. One year later I was approached by another gallery owner to co-open a 4 story project space in San Francisco. Coinciding with that madness, I found myself recruited by one of the most famous performance artists in the world to run a fundraising performance art institute in SF.

Even with all that I managed straight A's (and I even took a few graduate classes too) and built up my academic career to the point where I was being asked to talk on panels in front of my peers about career possibilities for English majors, and flown around the US to attend high-grade museum openings (hello MoMA!).

Today I'm creating courses that help students achieve a high level of success in college. (And I'm also finishing grad school, because, y'know, learning's the best.)

Enroll in my free course and begin your path to awesome.

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