One-on-One Coaching Session


One-on-One Coaching Session

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You are completely unique. While I love teaching formulas that have excellent results for my students, you can't beat personalized coaching. In a session with me you can overcome your biggest hurdles and tackle your next project/final/semester with complete confidence.

Sessions are held over google hangouts.

1 hr:
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My one-on-one coaching has helped over 100 in-person and online students achieve higher GPA's, lower stress and anxiety over school work, get into the top college of their choice, and learn premium test-taking and study skills that boost productivity and performance for life. Plus, it's a lot of fun! My teaching style is to pull on a student's individual strengths and overcome areas of weakness, building confidence alongside ability.

Schedule a session with me today to supercharge your college performance.

Once the package is purchased, I'll contact you within 24 hours to schedule a time to meet. We'll use Skype or Google Hangouts for the meeting.