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Hey Ambitious. I’m Jess, international college (and high school) success coach. I’m here to help you have the most rewarding journey through school. That means boosting your power to get A+ grades, write essays that matter, and find your passion in college so the life you live after is your best life.

You’ll find tons of my best strategies for dominating college (without stress, overwhelm, or any of those nasties that plague your average student). Because you, my friend are not average. Join me & see how spectacular you can be!

Here are some resources to help you boost your grades, improve your confidence, and hack college so it’s easier, and more productive.

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This course has given me the courage to befriend my professors, keep in touch with them, and how to effectively keep up my GPA while not stressing over my course work. Thanks so much for making such a wonderful course!


This course gave me so much guidance and peace of mind before entering college. As a high school student who didn't have to study, it helped immensely in teaching me how to improve my practices to conquer college. I would highly recommend it to any new college students who want to be successful.

Elizabeth G.

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Wonder why professional athletes are so good at what they do? They have amazing coaches helping them succeed.

Straight A’s, better study habits, easier testing strategies, better performance, a life full of passion and purpose.

Those are just a few of the ways I can help you as your college success coach. We’ll work together to make sure your time and money have the maximum impact on your future.

If you want a plan that will take the guesswork out of college and set you up for an empowering life, book a session with me! I can’t wait to hang out!

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