One dangerous myth about college everyone is telling you

Today I want to get a little bold & opinionated, because there’s a really dangerous myth that people are constantly telling college students that’ll end up making you waste years of your life and tens of thousands of dollars (and I want to prevent that!)

This myth costs you thousands of dollars and wasted years in college.

The Dangerous Myth about College:

It’s ok to not know what you want to do in college.

Now, plenty of you who are about to go to college, or who are in it already, don't know what you want to do in college.

That's ok. The problem is that there's dangerous advice attached to this claim.

What people end up saying is for you to take 2 years and shop around, so that with your last 2 years of college you can buckle down and focus on a major, and then maybe find a career that relates to your major.

I’ve even seen some advice that says you should take time after college to figure out what you want to do.

It may not sound awful to you, but the dangerous underbelly of thinking this way is that you end up feeling like it’s perfectly acceptable and normal to let years go by until you figure out why you’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on college.

(Or even worse, you end up with a degree but then choose a career completely outside of that degree and have to start from the bottom up!)

In the meantime, you haven’t been focusing on the most important aspect of college: building a set of rare and valuable skills.

Your major means very little in the quest for massive success.

Meaning, you can major in absolutely ANYTHING and achieve a massive amount of success after college.

So on the one hand, sure, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know your major.

What you absolutely MUST know is what skills are going to serve you best in college & in life, and work to gain more of those skills.

To prevent wasted years at a very high price, I want to offer you the strategies that will enable you to figure out your dream career and get you the skills you need to graduate so you can pick any career you want.

The College Motivation Masterclass gives you step-by-step strategies you can to achieve an insane amount of success in college.

That means no more...

  • staying up till 3am finishing crappy papers

  • no more professors who barely know your name (they’ll know you’re one of the top students on campus)

  • no fear of not figuring it out till the end

  • and perhaps best of all: you won’t have to move back in with your parents after graduation!

Switching majors isn’t a big problem. Even switching careers after working in a particular field for years isn’t always a bad decision.

As long as you consider whether or not you will be using your top skills and continuing to build upon them when making the switch.

Because it all comes down to skills, not your job title or niche or whatever.

Consider this: If a high-ranking financial analyst says screw working for the man I want to follow my passion and opens a bakery, how likely is it that she’ll succeed? (This example is actually based on the true story of Lisa Feuer who quit her marketing job to open a yoga studio.)

The problem is that she doesn’t have rare and valuable skills in the bakery field.

Sure, she’s a whiz at making cinnamon rolls and pumpkin cookies, but so are a lot of people. There was no major skill backing her decision to leave the financial world and open her bakery. (In the real story, Lisa’s yoga practice failed, leaving her totally broke.)

The real story behind the advice you’ll hear is:

Not knowing what you want to do in or after college is ok.

Not knowing what skills you want to learn causes a lot of trouble.

So when you’re figuring out your major, focus less on what that major is, but what skills you can develop that will make you an invaluable asset in any career.

Some top broad skills you can go after (meaning they can be applied to almost any field) are:

  • Management

  • Creative & Critical Writing

  • Analysis (which can come from History, Econ, English, Poli Sci, Anthropology and a whole lot of other majors)

Once you start thinking in terms of skills vs majors you’re going to be way ahead of the career game.

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