How to achieve your biggest goals

This is a post about dreams.

Earning a ton of money might not be your ultimate dream...perhaps you'd like to create a dramatic difference in a lot of peoples lives, either by becoming a doctor, an activist, a teacher, or an artist.

And ok, maybe not all our dreams are crazy ambitious. Or even reasonable. (My most passionate dream is to empower people to become real superheroes, so there you go.)

Point is, we each have a dream, or a vision for our lives and how we touch the lives of others.

And the thing that makes me most sad is that far too many people never live their dreams.

Those dreams, as we grow older, fade, and become replaced with lesser dreams. We begin to settle.

My goal here is to help you keep your biggest goals sharp, and give you the strategies to achieve them, so that you’ll never say, “oh, when I was younger I wanted to be a neurosurgeon and discover new ways for people with disabilities to walk again...but now I work in sales at my father’s rug company, and it’s pretty alright.”

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Because we ALL have the capability of making our biggest goals reality.

It took me until I was smack in the middle of one of my biggest dreams to realize I’d made it.

It was after hours in the art gallery I’d opened with my boyfriend during my first year as an undergrad at UC Berkeley. We’d just finished the opening night of a really beautiful show that featured some really high-level artists alongside some fantastic emerging artists.


We were just about to leave the gallery and take our gallery assistants (also students at UC Berkeley) out for some celebratory drinks. I had a paper due the next day, but that didn’t matter because I knew I was going to turn in another A paper.

I twirled around in my desk chair, taking in all of the art, and looking out the window (which offered a great view of the University entrance) and felt a warm glow well up inside me. I’d hit a HUGE goal, without even realizing it!

The stories from my inner circle of friends were similar. My friend Felix was a graduate physics student visiting from Germany and working at the prestigious Lawrence Berkeley labs doing crazy sh*t with atoms. Another friend launched his own Noveltea Tea Company and was diving headlong into entrepreneurship, all while working on his graduate degree.

We all had threads in common. We were able to achieve massive career success while we were students at one of the toughest colleges in the nation.

Now that I’ve been a college success coach for the past few years, I can see that we all employed similar strategies, strategies all truly successful students (and successful people in general) use.


The first being: we firmly believed we could achieve greatness. And that belief allowed us to work toward those incredible goals.

The truth is, it’s not all that difficult to achieve massive success.

People do it all the time. There’s a science to achievement that makes it possible to follow certain steps, plug in a formula, and voilà -- success!

What’s most difficult about being successful is finding the motivation to carry you through.

Because if your motivation is on board, doing the hard work becomes a lot easier. Or rather, that hard work becomes a must as in you have to do it, so you do, without really considering not doing it.

So if you really want to attain your biggest goals, whether it’s becoming a doctor so you can save lives, or pursuing the dream you’ve had since high school, you need to get your motivation on board to carry you through.

How many of you have had the experience where you’ve know what to do to reach a certain goal (like losing weight...don’t you know exactly what you need to do to lose weight? Sure! You need exercise, and stop eating all those donuts and hamburgers...drink more water...etc etc etc) but you haven’t done what you need to do to reach that goal?

That’s a motivation fail.

Because you wanted to lose that weight, or get that A in your really tough chemistry class. And you knew what to do! You just didn’t do it, so you failed.

The reasons for this aren’t vague or unknown.

You fail to reach your goals because of a few, particular, and changeable reasons.

Your Emotions Got the Best of You

A lot of times we think we can’t change our emotions -- that they have a unbeatable power over us.

So if we “just don’t feel like it” we won’t do it.

But you can change the way you feel, and it’s actually quite simple. I give you the exact steps you need to take to master your emotions, so they don’t control you negatively anymore, in my College Motivation Masterclass.

You can develop your emotions into one of the most effective and powerful tools for sustaining a high level of motivation, so you can accomplish any goal you set your mind to.


Your Body Held You Back

Maybe you turned in a crappy paper because you were just too damn tired to work on it -- and too tired to care about the grade you’d receive because of it. Having the energy and physical prowess to sustain you as you work toward an incredible goal is necessary, because if your goal is big enough, you better believe there are going to be some long, hard hours to put in!

When we were getting ready to open the gallery, we had 14 days to get the building ready (which was in shambles)!

After ripping up the carpets, installing new floors (made from doors), putting new lights in the old haberdashery cupboards, and dusting EVERYTHING, the place looked pretty good!

After ripping up the carpets, installing new floors (made from doors), putting new lights in the old haberdashery cupboards, and dusting EVERYTHING, the place looked pretty good!


My partner and I worked day after 16 hour day, ripping out old carpet, breaking down old furniture, painting, and removing and replacing lights from the 30 ft ceiling, installing new floors, and and caught a few hours of sleep each night before heading off to class with dust in our hair and paint smeared...everywhere.

Not only did I need my motivation roaring to be able to do all that physical work and write my papers and read all the books due for my full load of college classes, my body needed to be a peak state as well.

So I cover some of the ways to get your body on board in the College Motivation Masterclass, because it’s all connected, your brain and your body. :)


You Didn’t Have Enough Time

This one’s something we’ve definitely all felt as we rush around trying to get everything done that we need to and still failing (oh how hard I’ve failed)!

But you can use time as your helper instead of viewing it as that invisible force you have to fight against day after day.

I learned not only how to manage my time so I could do all my school work (and earn A’s in every class) while running 3 full-time businesses and living a rip-roaring social life (much to the chagrin of underachieving students).

It’s my biggest dream to help college students realize a greater potential and achieve bigger goals, because that’s the way we can change the world.

So dream big, and set yourself up for success using proven strategies! (You’ll find them all in my College Motivation Masterclass.)

It may not be $300k, but it could very well be the vehicle that takes you there.

why you haven't achieved your biggest goals and how a course in college motivation can help