How to Get A's and Keep Them (Motivation Mastery)

I get asked a LOT about how to keep up the good grades from the beginning of the semester to the end -- and how you can hack your motivation so it’s not a struggle to maintain.

A lot of you have been coming up against the same problem as Alex, who wrote to me asking:

I tend to start off strong and organized, but by the middle it seems like my brain is all over the place and I have lost motivation.
How can I keep my drive and excel from beginning to end?

To answer your questions and show you how to excel from the beginning of your semester to the end, I’m teaching an in-depth Masterclass on SIMPLE STRATEGIES you can start using TODAY to boost your motivation, EVERY DAMN DAY, without much effort.

The course launches January 14, but you should register now to save your spot.

To find out more about the College Motivation Masterclass and to register, click over to the course site!

If you’re sitting there wondering if these work -- let me tell you a story.

I was running 3 art galleries in two different cities which kept me more than full-time busy and still got A’s in all of classes at UC Berkeley because I knew how to trick myself into being more productive and doing work even when I was dead tired and thoroughly de-motivated.

So yup, you can do it too!

If you’ve ever felt like you just want to put off the hard work to stave off overwhelm, or to just chill and have fun, this masterclass is for you.

Because honestly, who wouldn’t want to skip all the hard work and hang out with friends...especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed?

But you’re spending a lot of $$$ and time on your education, so wouldn’t you rather feel like doing the work was just the fun you’re looking for?

Doing college work doesn’t have to suck! It can be just as fun and rewarding as having a few beers with friends (minus the hangover).

Once you know how to hack your brain to boost your motivation through the roof, you’re going to crave working through tough problems and improving your intellectual mind.

When you know how to hack your motivation, you:

  • Can do difficult work on autopilot.
  • Keep your grades high from start to finish.
  • Have a great time with your friends while you get your work done.
  • Can take breaks when you need to and not worry about your grades.
How to keep your grades, and your motivation soaring, all semester long.

How to keep your grades, and your motivation soaring, all semester long.

I used to stay up till 3 am, exhausted and full of anxiety, trying to finish an essay I should have started a week ago. Nothing but the most extreme procrastination-panic could induce me to get my work started. I hated studying for tests because it was hard.

But once I figured out how to trick my brain into rewarding itself for putting in the work, I was able to study, write papers, and complete projects without the anxiety and procrastination I was so used to.


Motivational speaking is a billion dollar industry. There’s a reason for that. Motivation is hard, yet it is literally the most rewarding self-practice you can cultivate. That’s why businesses pay millions of dollars for one motivational training session.

With this course, you can change your brain immediately, to boost motivation and keep your grades high. (Bonus: these strategies are going to be invaluable when you launch your career.)

You only need FOUR things:

  • a goal or target you want to achieve
  • the roadmap for success
  • the right brain hacks for you
  • and the simple motivational framework you can use again and again

You’re going to finish each semester with the same heart-soaring enthusiasm as when you started -- maybe even more, because now finishing your work is going to make you feel flipping awesome.

My results: 100% A grades in the #1 ranked English program at UC Berkeley while opening and directing 3 nationally-reviewed art galleries in Berkeley and San Francisco...  

Want to know how I figured out how to do all that work and still have time to knock out straight A’s?

My super simple strategies are still in play so that I can build out three entrepreneurial careers (including this college success blog) while going to grad school...without making me break out in sweats, bouts of procrastination, or panic.

It has helped me work toward a six-figure income while I learn more rare and valuable skills in college.

So take a look at the full curriculum and register now!

What does a system for motivation look like and why do I need one?

Unless you're achieving A's without ever struggling to do the work (and if that’s the case, why the hell did you read so far?) you need a system that can take you from A to B on autopilot.

Because that’s the thing about motivation. It fluctuates. Sometimes the last thing on earth we want to do is what we have to do. Our brain tells us No! Stop! I can’t go on! And we seek some form of distraction to keep us sane.

But the truth is, when you have a system, you can tell your brain to shut up, go to hell, or pretty please quiet your pathetic attempts to knock me off task.

So you develop a series of brain-soothing steps that allows you to stave off overwhelm and get your work done. And at the end? You feel awesome. Because you did what you had to do without the struggle.

Why do so many people suck at motivation?

We’ve all experienced it. You start the semester inspired and raring to go. You’re ambitious and excited, and your work reflects it. But somewhere around midterms you start to slump...and slump...and by finals you feel the effects of burn out.

You struggle to finish a paper that, had it come at the beginning of the semester, you’d have nailed with enough energy left over for a congratulatory party, but by the end of this one all you want to do is hide under your covers and try not cry. (No? Just me? Well, you get the idea...)

The big picture question is, why the hell can’t we just get our work done with the same enthusiasm from start to finish?

If motivation was easy, companies wouldn’t be shelling out hundreds of millions of dollars on these services.

If keeping your drive from beginning to end were simple, most students would be graduating with A’s and B’s. But that’s the problem with grades, they start off high and end up slipping as the semesters, or years, go by.

The truth is, most people don’t know how to combat slipping motivation. They don’t know that there are tools and resources out there that can help them.

They try and solve the problem on their own, which, because it’s such a long-standing, difficult, and complex problem, doesn’t usually turn out the best.

It’s a real conundrum. That’s why motivation is a 10 billion dollar industry.

Who is this Masterclass for?

Any college student who wants to power through college with the same level of motivation from start to finish.

Anyone who is ambitious and wants to learn the best strategies for creating long-lasting, high levels of success in both school and in their career.

Students who want to lead, inspire, and shape change in the world. Just because these strategies are simple doesn’t mean they won’t have a huge impact on your life!

My system works for any learning style, and since I’m a die-hard “formula” fanatic, this one is perfectly suited to be adapted to an individual’s unique needs.

You just set up the steps and repeat any time you have work to do that seems overwhelming.

You will leave this masterclass with:

  • 7 simple hacks to get your motivation back on track
  • A working map that will take you to your biggest goal
  • An understanding of your underlying motivators and how to get yourself to do anything
  • A walk-through method of finding your true calling so you can find a career you love and can exceed at
  • The winning formula to change the way you approach your work that you can use over and over again
  • The freedom to chill with your friends without feeling like there’s a deadline looming over you

What's in the course?

  • Masterclass video training on the 7 strategies you need to know to reduce your stress, stay on track, and keep motivation running high while you complete hard classes and assignments.
  • Brain hacks to change your mind and the way you approach big tasks.
  • Full breakdown on how to set up an accountability system, study group, and a dedicated work space.
  • Your Motivation Boosting workbook that shows you how to set goals, create affirmations, and a checklist for your Motivation Framework .
  • PLUS a live Q & A session to discuss everything you've learned and how to implement these in YOUR specific college path.


The masterclass opens on Janurary 14 @ 12 pm noon PST time, and you get lifetime access to the full course when you sign up now.

Oh, and the price for the motivation masterclass will be increasing to $147 after Jan 14 :)

I’m stoked to have you join! This course is going to be MIND BLOWING (my pilot students are totally rocking this!) >>>