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Tis the season for giving! So I've teamed up with some of the best college brands to give you a major college giveaway that's actually full of useful, grade-boosting swag.

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What you'll win:

College Motivation Masterclass ($247 value)

The only online course that shows you how to make A grades and keep them all semester long. Even when you don't feel like doing the work.

If last semester wasn't awesome, you need this course!

If last semester was awesome, way to go! You can still use this course to supercharge your motivation and do more work in less time (for better grades).

6 months of Chegg Study ($90 value)

Never get stuck on a homework problem again! With 24 hour tutors standing by to help, Chegg study is your go-to source for late-night homework help.

chegg study saves students hours on homework

Emily Ley Simplified Planner ($60 value)

Emily Ley's gorgeous planners will help you stay organized, beautifully. For minimalists, this is a great planner to keep you on track while staving off overwhelm. You've got enough to do without worrying about your planner being too complicated!

Starbuck's gift card ($25 value)

'Cause a college student needs coffee!

Staedler Triplus Pen Set ($15 value)

Use your new pens to color code notes, Cornell style, or to color your meditative relaxation coloring book!

Dormify Quotable Black and White Calendar ($9 value)

Keep your motivation high with these inspirational quotes from the Dormify Motivational Calendar! Nothing like having a daily dose of inspiration hanging right there on your wall. And it's super trendy & awesome, like you.

A student posted on their site, "It's what keeps me going."

Choice Organics Mental Focus Tea ($5 value)

For when you've had too much caffeine, drink tea! It's full of herbs to help you boost focus, and it doesn't taste half bad either!

This may well be the most useful college giveaway on the internet, since some of these awesome items actually help you be a better student!

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