Two Stupidly Simple Actions for Extreme Success

Two stupid easy things you can do for massive success in college. As a student you should ensure you graduate and not only make everyone proud, but learn the skills to secure your dream career (or future). Click through to find out what separates the most successful students from those who flounder in college!

I’ve been thinking a lot about beliefs lately much they shape our selves and our experience of the world... your beliefs can determine your level of success... some students can do fantastically well in high school and totally bomb in college, while others (like me) can come from a garbage GPA and end up performing at an extremely high level.

When I left high school I had a whopping 0.0 GPA (it’s HARD work to get that low of a GPA...let me tell you). I had no idea what I was doing as far as school went. And that was high school. That’s when things were supposed to be easy.

Although I got my sh*t together in independent study to finish my high school education with a 4.01 I still didn’t quite get it.

Once I was in college for a few years, I began to realize what separates successful students from those who flounder their goals.

And it isn’t how intelligent a person is.

Or how organized.

(Thank goodness!)

It just takes 2 stupidly simple actions to produce incredible results. And the best news is, anyone can use them to achieve high levels of success.

Dying to know what they are? (Yeah? Good! You’re on your way to becoming a top performer!)

1 Finding the BEST teachers and strategies for YOU

You’re in college to learn valuable skills, right? And you’re getting the benefit of learning from some really great teachers (I hope!).

Well there’s two layers at work here: 1) you’re learning information from your profs and 2) you’re translating that information into stuff you can use to create a successful career on our own terms.

Part 1 is just check out your professor’s ratings on, or do some research to see if they’re top notch or not.

Part 2...that’s a little tricky.

How do you translate all that information and make sure that you’re becoming the best student and learning everything you need to know to set yourself up for a dream career?

How do you make sure you’re on track to gain everything that’s going to set you up for an incredible life after college?

You do you make absolutely sure you’re not going to waste your time and money and make your family proud when you graduate?

Easy answer. You get a coach.

You learn from your teachers because they’ve specialized in a subject and have enough experience to convey the necessary points to you so you get an education.

You learn from a coach because you want the best strategies for how to turn that information into value…. that when you graduate you’ve proven to everyone that you’re capable of succeeding in college and in your career.

If could have had someone to tell me exact strategies for succeeding in college, I would have saved $10,000 and 3 years of extra college time while I “figured things out.”

Some of you don’t have the ability to waste a ton of money and years trying how to figure out how to be super successful in college.

If you’re *serious* about becoming an elite student and ensuring your future success, and want to get your information from a coach who’s helped thousands of students perform at their highest levels (instead of sifting through dozens of articles on google that may never actually help you), then I urge you to snag any one of the 8 lessons I have up in the course video vault.

You'll be able to learn things like...

  • how to study LESS and learn MORE

  • biohacks for A grades without extra work

  • how to learn the right skills for your dream career

  • how to find friends who will keep you on top of your sh*t

  • and how to get your work done even when you're freaking out

  • how to create a massive action plan so you can still get work done when you're overwhelmed

Now, what’s the other essential component all successful students have in common?

2 They are confident in their ability to succeed

You don’t need more hours in a day. And you can’t blame a crappy professor.

What you absolutely DO need to succeed is more confidence in your ability to perform at an elite level.

That’s why you see those straight A students who seem to never study for tests. That’s why the really successful students seem less overwhelmed and stressed out than the rest.

In order to have complete confidence in your abilities, you need to know that you’re able to internalize all the information your professors are giving you and understand it well enough to apply it in the real world. You need to know that you can write papers that clearly communicate your ideas. You need to know that you can blast through an exam without staying up the night before to study.

And most of all, you need to know that you have the strategies in place to do all the work, even when it seems impossible.

When I first started college I was that student I mentioned earlier -- the one that scrambled to write papers, turn in the homework, and never once talked to a professor in office hours.

But eventually I realized that in order to totally crush it at college I had to change the way I thought about the work I was doing, dramatically.

Which is why understanding how to apply biohacks and neurohacks in order to get that confidence up is a major part of the lessons in the vault.

When you enter the vault you’ll be able to learn things like…

  • How to gain confidence so you can dominate at college without the overwhelm

  • How to befriend other elite students (because the best way to become the person you want to be is to hang out with the people you want to be like)

  • How to hack your body and brain so you can do better work with zero extra effort

Plus, you get exclusive access to one-on-one coaching sessions with me to talk about your unique concerns and figure out strategies for overcoming them.

It’s not a complete cakewalk, my friend, but you wouldn’t be here if you’re not willing to put in the work. That’s how I know you’re going to crush.


Hope I'll see you on the inside!