Why you're not getting the top grades you want (and how to fix that)

Want to get straight a's in college? Here are some reasons you're not, and how to fix it.

If one of your major goals this year is to achieve massive success in college (because that's how you get into grad school and/or land a premium career), I've got a free workshop for you!

This workshop is full of grade-boosting behind-the-scenes secrets from a highest honors grad & international college success coach. (<- that's me!)

Now, a LOT of you are writing to me saying you struggle with getting awesome grades, even though you KNOW you're 100% capable.

So I'm bringing you a 5 part LIVE workshop series that will cover the 5 reasons why you should be getting better grades, but aren't.

Starting with the first, and one of the most important reasons: Poor Planning.

Join me Sunday, January 8th at 1pm PST (4pm EST) for a totally free live workshop all about how to set yourself up for MASSIVE college success.

You'll learn:

  • How to create your unique plan for massive college success.
  • One major reason you're not getting the top grades you want (and how to fix that).
  • How to plan your schedule so you can speed toward achieving your biggest goals.
  • The simple formula for success you can use over & over again in college and in your career.
  • How to lay the foundation for A+ grades and develop a rare & valuable skill set for your future career.
  • PLUS a live Q & A session with me, where you can get your unique questions answered!


Everything you'll learn is something that will help you improve your performance in college, and save yourself tons of stress, money, and energy.

And the best news is, these strategies work for EVERYONE, regardless of how good a student you think you are.


Come hang out with me & a community of other amazingly ambitious & awesome students (yeah, this crew is the best!)

Come and get your questions answered, and learn all about how to plan for your most successful semester ever - and start earning A's right away! 

How to plan your way to straight A's is one of the most essential tools in college -- and it's one of those aspects of college that no one really talks about.

Super excited to see you live in the workshop next week! 

Join the free workshop on Jan 8 @ 1pm PST to get the best secrets for achieving straight A's in college