Four Qualities Every College Student MUST Have (for MASSIVE success)

In the spirit of giving thanks this season, I wanted to give you one of my very best posts.

These are perhaps the weirdest sounding traits, but every college student who gets straight A’s with ease uses these to achieve massive success.

And the good news is, you can start using these TODAY to become a better student.

But wait.

There’s even better news.

Some of these hacks are so simple and easy absolutely ANYONE can do them and improve dramatically.

(And the results are instantaneous!)

Though I do love to use superlatives, I’m dead serious. You’re going to want to bookmark this post and come back to it again & again.

And since I’m sharing this awesome post, I want to also give you the biggest, most helpful download I have -- a workbook to help you build your motivational framework for college success.

Because without an incredible goal to pursue, none of this really matters anyway!


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The 4 Essential Qualities Every Straight A Student MUST Have (for Massive Success)

Instant hacks you can use today to skyrocket your success and improve your grades in college.

Instant hacks you can use today to skyrocket your success and improve your grades in college.


We’re all capable of being straight A students. How many of you know students who get A’s with seeming ease, and you get a little upset, because you’re like, I’m just as smart as they are…what gives?

Well, the truth is, there are a few essential shifts in behavior that will lead to your achieving awesome grades with the same amount of effort you’re putting in now.

Not a shift in activities or intelligence, necessarily. Just behavior.

Ok, how cool is that?!

Your Physiology Shapes Who You Are

1. Straight A Body Language

It sounds crazy, but you can achieve straight A’s more easily just by changing your physiology.

Physiology is just a fancy word for your body language. It’s your posture, how you sit, how you stand; what you do with your hands when you’re talking, eating, and listening.


And changing your posture for just two minutes is powerful enough to change your brain.


Totally crazy, right? Amy Cudy, Social Psychologist and Professor at Harvard has delved into the deep science behind how our physiology changes our neuroendocrine levels and makes us actually feel and perform differently.


Illustrated example:

I want you to consider two students, Jim and Jane. Jim sits slumped in his chair in the third row, head down. He’s taking notes, looking up every once in awhile at the professor and then looks back at his desk and what he’s writing. Sometimes he’ll chew on the end of his pencil and look at the clock to see how much time is left for the class.


Jane on the other hand sits up straight in her chair, raising her eyebrows every time the teacher says something interesting, laughing a little when something strikers her as funny, and when she wants to chime in with a comment, her hand shoots right up.

Which student seems more engaged, Jim or Jane?

Who do you think is going to understand more about the class topic? Who is the professor going to like more? ( <- Yes, that totally factors into your grade.) Who do you think will approach tests with confidence and feel less stress? Who has to study more?

...see where I’m going with this?

Changing your body language is one way to ENSURE your straight A’s will come easier.

Because when you change your physiology, you change your brain.

(I go through all the ways to change your brain into becoming a genius powerhouse in College Motivation Masterclass, so you can unlock your TRUE potential.)


Brain Training

By changing your physiology you're not only retaining more information from class, you’re also sending signals to your brain to release certain neurochemicals that make you feel more confident, smarter, and thus you become more confident, smarter, etc.


Think about a time when you were feeling really deep deep sadness. What did your body look like? Were you holding your head high, smile on your face, hands outstretched? No, not at all. You probably slumped inward, shoulders hunched, head-down, mouth tugging down with gravity.


And when you were really excited...really truly excited, like I’m-going-to-fall-out-of-my-seat-so-I’m-jumping-up-and-down-instead-excited.


Your mood and your physiology are inextricably connected.


If you can change your mood and mental state to thinking and feeling like a straight A student, your brain is going to work to make it true. Because your brain doesn’t want to make you a liar.

Studies have shown that you only need to hold a power pose for 2 minutes to reap the benefits -- more testosterone goes into your brain, actually making you more confident.


Action Item: Try striking a power pose before your next text. Hold a pose that you’d imagine a superhero holding, or a billionaire walking out of another hugely successful transaction, or the stance you’d hold after winning the Olympic gold medal. Just spend two minutes in this pose before you go in to take your test, and see what happens.

power pose wonder woman for college students



How Your Physiology Shapes How People Perceive You

It’s no small secret that we judge people based on nonverbal cues, or body language, even more than we judge them by how they speak or what they say.


If your body language suggests you’re not interested in class, how is your teacher going to view you? What assumptions will she make?


If your body language is like Jane’s -- alert, confident, and engaged, what grade is your teacher going to think you deserve?

Your body language is an immense source of personal power

and it’s the easiest thing in the world to change once you’re conscious of the effect it can have, not only on your own mindset and ability, but those around you as well.


To master nonverbal communication, I have systems you can use in my College Motivation Masterclass. Check it out!


1. The Straight A Student Mindset

Another common trait all straight A students share is a straight A mindset. B’s are not options. C’s are ridiculous to consider. And no way have they ever heard of D’s or F’s.

High-achievers and over-achievers are able to perform at such incredible levels because they do not have a belief that they could do it any other way.


They set their standards high, because they know that achieving outstanding things brings outstanding rewards.

If you’re simply good -- let’s say, an average student, you’re getting mostly B’s and the occasional A. Well, how is that rewarded? How do you feel when you see your report card? Are you ecstatic? Or is your mood kind of...meh?


Because somewhere inside you KNOW you have the ability to get the best grades possible. You KNOW you can do better, so you’re not overjoyed at seeing so-so grades.


Every straight A student has the belief that they can accomplish incredible things...and so they do.


This core belief allows their brain to work harder on problems, not fatigue as quickly, and tackle even more challenges.

If you want to achieve greater than you have been, you MUST change your standards for yourself. Hold your achievements to a higher bar.


To find out your true calling and unleash your potential download this workbook for setting your sky-high goals, and creating the framework to achieve them.

find your true calling and keep your motivation soaring  a college workbook


What makes great people great is that they push beyond their limits and limitations. The body builder lifts weights that are nearly impossible to lift, doing one rep beyond what he feels his body can take. The swimmer breaks her record by pushing her body beyond its previous limits.


Your brain is a muscle you can exercise. If you believe you can break the habit of only achieving average grades you open yourself up limitless possibilities.

If you believe you can achieve straight A’s with ease, and you put in the work, you’re going to see incredible results.

So today, right now, DECIDE you’re going to expect more from yourself. You’re going to give more of yourself.

You have the courage, the passion, and determination to make this happen NOW.

Start with the way you move.

Then move with your new found confidence toward these bigger goals.

(Yes, I even walk you through the steps you must take to achieving your biggest goals in the College Motivation Masterclass because knowing just what you need to do to ensure massive success is SO important.)


3. Straight A Ambition

When your mindset is such that you know you’re an outstanding student and your standards are high, you know that you don’t stop at straight A’s.

Once you’ve unlocked the limitless power of your potential, you can go after even more.

Because those A’s, once you make the two subtle shifts to your physiology and your mental state, will come easier and more naturally than ever.


It almost seems impossible looking back on it that I was able to run three wildly successful art galleries in my first year at Berkeley while crushing my full-time course load in both grad and undergrad classes.

I attribute my ability to gain incredible success in both school and business to having a strong physiology that let EVERYONE know who I was and what I was capable of, and by setting my standards so high I knew I could request to work with famous artists and they would say yes, or that I could ask my professor for an extension and it would be no problem because I was promising a better paper.


A straight A student’s ambition says that you can go beyond being a student and be YOUR BEST SELF.

The you who is a powerful human being who can make a serious impact in college, in your career, and in your life.


And yes, I do go into tons of detail about how to create a master plan for college in my College Motivation Masterclass program.

This master plan gives you the freedom to focus on building tons of career capital in college, so that when you graduate you’re way ahead of the rest of your class in building a solid career or applying to your top graduate school.


4. Straight A Action

The final quality every straight A student MUST have, is a willingness to take action and do whatever it takes to succeed.

In order to get your best grades and become your best self as a student you must take action.

This means implementing strategies to help you achieve high grades while lowering the amount of work and stress you may have previously accrued by doing them.

There are many actions to take that will help keep your passion and motivation running high, so you can get your best grades almost on autopilot.


Some examples of action are:

  • Going to your professor’s office hour

  • Engaging yourself during class

  • Becoming a leader for other students

  • Studying less for better retention and test results

  • Performing exam post-mortems

  • Forming events and groups outside of school

Whew! That’s a lot of information! I know!

Now it’s up to you to use it. To find your true calling and form a plan of action for complete college success, get your own workbook and get to work! This really helped me set my biggest goals, and achieve them, step by step.

find your true calling and keep your motivation soaring a college workbook


If you want to take this further and learn exactly what you need to do to become a top performer in college, check out my program College Motivation Masterclass where you can learn how to master your motivation and hack the heck out of your studies so you can get A’s with ease. :)