No B.S. Gifts for College Students that Help Performance

No B.S. Gifts for College Students that Help Performance

It’s pretty fair to say college students struggle.

And if you’re reading this post, it’s because you’re either a high school student, college student, or thoughtful human being who knows a poor student, and you’d love to buy a nice gift that alleviates even just a little bit of that struggle (for yourself or for a friend).

So whether you’re buying a gift for a freshman to say, “you got this,” or Christmas has rolled around and you need to think of a great gift that won’t wind up with a “oh geez, thanks Aunt really shouldn’t have,” this gift list is for you.

How to Write Essays Faster

How to Write Essays Faster

You’ve already written like, a ton of essays.

So, why does it feel like every time you’ve got an essay assigned and you immediately want to put off writing it?

When you’re able to write essays with confidence, you’ve open yourself up to remarkable accomplishments and opportunities.

Not only that, but you can push your superpower further, and learn to write essays that matter.

And with that power, you can shape the world. Or y’know, just do a really good job at life. :)

So, Ambitious, let’s dive right in and find out….

6 things you can do right now to write better essays, faster.

Why I'm Helping Students Level Up their College Game

Why I'm Helping Students Level Up their College Game

I want to empower you to learn the skills of your chosen major and pursue relationships with professors and professionals in your field so that after college you are confident in your abilities to perform at a high level and have the system to be successful in your career.

PLUS, it’s my dream that you all feel free from the anxiety and overwhelm of college.

I want you to feel motivated and inspired to do the hard work, so that you can make a positive impact in the world.

What to do When You've Fallen REALLY Behind in Class

What to do When You've Fallen REALLY Behind in Class

We all fall behind. We’ve all lost motivation at one time or another—we don’t want to get out of bed to go to class, we lost sight of why we’re enrolled in chemistry, we let the homework stew inside our notebooks like leftover soup we’re too afraid to throw out.

One ambitious student emailed me to ask, what can I do when I’ve fallen really behind in class? Like, so much so that I barely know what the topic is.

Fortunately there’s a few easy steps you can take to get back on track.

What Your Grades Really Say About You

If you’ve ever found yourself grieving over a C+ or struggling to push a B to an A (or considering dropping out of college after a D or an F) this blog post is for you.

Because on one had, grades matter, and on another, much gentler hand, they don’t matter at all.

Today I’m going to share with you just what grades really say about you, when grades matter, and when they don’t.

How to Get Every Sentence Completion Question on the SAT Right

Oddly enough, word choice questions, which look like the easiest to answer, give students a heck of a lot of trouble. If you’re not getting 100% or close on these types of questions, it’s not because your vocab sucks or you’re stupid, your strategy just needs to be changed.

I like to think of these types of questions as “fill in the blank” questions. They are essentially that: the test is asking you to replace one word with another that is a synonym. That means the sentence needs to mean the same thing when you replace the underlined word.

I’ll show you my strategy to get these questions correct every time.

How to Choose Which College is Right For YOU

How do you choose the path that’s going to shape the rest of your life?

Gah! The responsibility of it!

You’re incredibly lucky if you already know what path you want to be on/what college you want to go to.

Even if you're already in do you utilize the tools at your disposal to ensure even greater success?

For those of us who feel a bit lost, a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of making a decision that will change our lives forever, I’ve got some ruminations for you that may help make the decision easier.

How to Write an A+ Essay in a Day

This is the part where I confess.

The part where I’m supposed to feel shameful (strangely -- I don’t) and let you know that I’ve reformed my bad bad ways (I have).

There was a short period of time in which I worked for an essay writing company.

You know the ones. Where you can buy an original essay on your homework topic.

Yikes. Yep. That was me.

Needless to say, I got damn good at churning out A grade essays.

In a matter of hours I could turn around a highly-polished, thoroughly researched 5 page essay.

One dangerous myth about college everyone is telling you

Today I want to get a little bold & opinionated, because there’s a really dangerous myth that people are constantly telling college students that’ll end up making you waste years of your life and tens of thousands of dollars (and I want to prevent that!)

What’s the big myth?

It’s ok to not know what you want to do in college.

Why you're not getting the top grades you want (and how to fix that)

If one of your major goals this year is to achieve massive success in college (because that's how you get into grad school and/or land a premium career), I've got a free workshop for you!

This workshop is full of grade-boosting behind-the-scenes secrets from a highest honors grad & international college success coach. (<- that's me!)

So I'm bringing you a 5 part LIVE workshop series that will cover the 5 reasons why you should be getting better grades, but aren't.

Starting with the first, and one of the most important reasons: Poor Planning.

How to achieve your biggest goals

This is a post about dreams.

Because we ALL have the capability of making our biggest goals reality.

My goal here is to help you keep your biggest goals sharp, and give you the strategies to achieve them, so that you’ll never say, “oh, when I was younger I wanted to be a neurosurgeon and discover new ways for people with disabilities to walk again...but now I work in sales at my father’s rug company, and it’s pretty alright.”

10 Quick Tips for Better Productivity

College finals are here and with finals week can come a serious breakdown in your productivity.

It's so easy to become overwhelmed by all the time you have to spend studying finishing projects, and writing papers. To stave off failure, here are some of my quickest tips to boost your productivity and ace your finals with ease.

Hint: You can also use these tips to keep your productivity and motivation strong all semester long.

How to Hack College for Crazy Success

Ever wonder why you start off a semester strong, and by the end of it find yourself struggling to keep up with assignments because you simply don’t uh, care anymore?

This post will show you why, show you how to change your goals to make your motivation stay strong all year, and comes with a bonus download!

Four Qualities Every College Student MUST Have (for MASSIVE success)

These are perhaps the weirdest sounding traits, but every college student who gets straight A’s with ease uses these to achieve massive success.

And the good news is, you can start using these TODAY to become a better student.

The even better news is, some of these hacks are so simple and easy absolutely ANYONE can do them and improve dramatically -- instantly.

How to Get A's and Keep Them (Motivation Mastery)

I used to stay up till 3 am, exhausted and full of anxiety, trying to finish an essay I should have started a week ago. Nothing but the most extreme procrastination-panic could induce me to get my work started. I hated studying for tests because it was hard.

But once I figured out how to trick my brain into rewarding itself for putting in the work, I was able to study, write papers, and complete projects without the anxiety and procrastination I was so used to.

What everybody ought to know about college (but no one will tell you)

7 Things You Ought to Know about College...but no one will tell you

The hacks and strategies I used to get straight A's at Berkeley while running 3 businesses. These will help you cut down on stress and give you more time to polish your projects and papers to make truly stellar grades.

The Ultimate List of College Resources to Help You Get and Keep Straight A's

Getting straight's A's in college is tough enough. If there are ways to make earning those A's simpler and easier, I'm all for it. 

So I've compiled a list of my favorite resources that help take the pressure of achieving and maintaining straight A's, so you can save the difficult work for the really difficult remembering where your backpack is or why you only have one pair of socks.