What's this all about?

If you’ve always wanted to join a secret society of stand-out college students...

(you know...the people who aren’t just gettin’ a degree but those world-changers and entrepreneurs and adventure seekers and neuro explorers) who are scoring incredible grades while at the very same time building an impressive empire out of a skill or passion...

...you’ve found the right place.


Welcome to Intro to Honors, the controversial, unconventional, and totally mad-genius hub where you can learn how to develop superior college skills and make an impact in the world and in your life.

I’m Jess Ime, and I'll be the Gandalf to your Bilbo as I guide you through the adventure that will transform you into a college star.




Here you’ll learn....

  • Ways to hack your academic career so you can accomplish MORE in LESS time
  • How to achieve an insane GPA (without staying up till 3am)
  • How to build an epic empire out of thin air

And, because I’m an (gasp!) English major (with a creative writing minor and an on-the-way-MFA in fiction -- ((Sweet moldy crackers, Batman!))) you’ll learn…

  • How to write killer essays with confidence and style

(Ok, your essays won’t be stealthy assassins, but they’ll not kill you by making you freak out for days as you procrastinate and then write a crap paper with heart-clutching panic or by wearing you down ever so slowly with sleep deprivation.)


Here’s the deal:

You’re already a pretty good student. You get decent grades; you’re passionate about learning. Maybe you know what you want to do with your life, and maybe you don’t. Either way, you have a burning passion within you that says, whatever I do, I want it to be great.


If you yearn for distinction (be it fame, fortune, making a difference in others’ lives, personal success, or a dream life you want to make real)...


You need to become legendary

Because if you can’t offer rare and valuable skills to the world you’ll stay in the mucky land of mediocrity

Because if you don’t stand out in college you’ll have a hard time distinguishing yourself in the world after graduation (and who wants to move back to their parents’ house after graduation??)

Because if you don’t do your best in college you’ll get a pretty poor return on your investment (how many dollars in debt? and how many years did you squander?)  


Ok, jig’s up! Who are you??

I’m a Summa cum laude, phi-beta-kappa graduate from UC Berkeley (graduating from the #1 ranked English program). While generally kicking ass in all my classes (straight A’s in both undergraduate and graduate courses) I also co-created and co-directed 1 (then 2, then 3) nationally-reviewed art galleries, which then led my being headhunted by the grand dame of performance art, Marina Abramovic to run her Performance Art Institute (West). (Yes, this was all in my first few years as a student.)


Since leaving the art business (I’m a serial entrepreneur) I’ve….

  • Lived in Mexico while writing an opera
  • Published in Brick Magazine
  • Earned enough freelancing to take year-long vacations
  • Teamed up with NPR’s Laura Sydell to take the championship in SPD’s LitBrawl


And lately....

I’ve helped students land their top-choice colleges (all of them, with 100% acceptance rates) as a college coach and essay tutor.

I’ve studied neuroscience and have a predilection for figuring out how the brain makes us do the things we do. So I share lots of brain hacks and shortcuts that can help you overcome study-struggles and perform well in college (even if, like, me you’re horrifically disorganized and procrastinate like the dickens).

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